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We offer our sincerest condolences to Pilgrims on the tragic loss 
of their shop in a horrific fire in Kathmandu.

Hot off the press: new autobiography

In 2007 they wrote the Cicerone guide to Mount Kailash and Western Tibet, as well updating the Grand Canyon guide. Their new Annapurna trekking guide was published by Cicerone in January 2013. 

Now in Kathmandu they are working with Himalayan Map House on a series of trekking guidebooks (Himalayan Travel Guides) covering the newly developing Great Himalaya Trail. So far their publications include a guide to Manaslu and Tsum, Upper and Lower Dolpo, Ganesh Himal, Everest, and Langtang, Gosainkund and Helambu, Rolwaling and Nepal Himalaya. Further trekking areas are in the pipeline. 

They have also reissued their 2006 guidebook to the monasteries of Ladakh in the Indian Himalaya.

Hot off the press is their autobiography In Search of the Green-Eyed Yellow Idol, available on Amazon in colour, black&white and Kindle.

See the Web Store to purchase the guidebooks.

Amazon Sian

Siân and Bob met in 1983, on a trek from Kashmir to Ladakh. By then Bob had already driven an ancient Land Rover from England to Kathmandu (in 1974), and overland trucks across Asia, Africa and South America. He had also lived in Kathmandu for two years, employed as a trekking company manager. Before they met, Siân worked in computer programming and systems analysis, but was drawn to the Himalaya en route from working in New Zealand.

Since then they have been leading and organising treks in the Alps, Nepal and the Sahara, as well as driving a bus overland to Nepal. Journeys by a less ancient (only 30-year-old) Land Rover from England to South Africa provided the basis for several editions of the Bradt guide Africa Overland, including the sixth edition published in April 2014.

In Kathmandu they previously worked with Pilgrims Publishing, producing cultural guides - Kathmandu: Valley of the Green-Eyed Yellow Idol and Ladakh: Land of Magical Monasteries - and a historical look at the Guge Kingdom, Kailash: Land of the Tantric Mountain.

During 2011 they returned to Tibet, this time driving the same old Land Rover back from Kathmandu to the UK overland via Lhasa, through China, Kazakhstan, Russia and Western Europe.