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We offer our sincerest condolences to Pilgrims on the tragic loss 
of their shop in a horrific fire in Kathmandu.

URGENT NEWS from Nepal... 

03 April 2014

Paper forms are no longer accepted for visa extensions at the immigration office. Applications must be made online in advance. There is a machine at the immigration office but it is somewhat problematic so it's best to do it at leisure on your computer if you have one or in an internet cafe. You'll need to upload a passport photo of yourself too.


You still have to go and join the queue to hand over the cash rupees and actually obtain the visa extension in your passport.

06 Oct 2013

It seems the Central Bank will no longer accept travellers' cheques, so any visitors should not expect to be able to change them anywhere in Nepal any more. So bring cash and debit cards... but

Ian Wall reports that, despite clients informing their UK banks that they will be travelling to and using their bank cards in Nepal, there appears to be an unusually high number of 'not accepted' warnings coming out of ATM machines at the moment ... 

For safety's sake .. bring cash!